About Us

Samyak Motors was started with vision of “empowering small and marginal farmers with affordable, farmer friendly, indigenous mechanization products which aid in simplifying crucial farming processes there by maximizing agricultural productivity, self reliance and sustainability”.

Samyak Motors is located out of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu best known as the hub for manufacture of textiles, foundries products, pumps and automobile components...

    The Samyak Edge
  • Committed in building farm mechanization alternative for Indian Farmers
  • Backed by technocrats with 25 years of industrial experience.
  • Truly indigenous farm mechanization products
  • Best suited for all farming practices and terrains across the country
  • Manufactured on the lines of the ‘Make in India’ ideology
  • Based out of the industrial and manufacturing hub of Tamil Nadu


Why Samyak

Post liberalization, the Indian Economy has been showing sustained growth, which has resulted in enormous development of various key sectors, like service and manufacturing. One sector which has seen stagnation from the 90’s is the agricultural sector.

The state of agriculture in India is yet to reach the point, where it serves as a sustainable source of income for each and every farmer involved. Due to an increase in demand for food and reduction in per capita land holding, the need for effective mechanization of farming practices is most felt today. Other factors like decreased productivity of traditional farming methods, shortage of skilled farm

labour, rural to urban migration and erratic climate changes have only added to the need for mechanization.

Samyak Motors is also home to a highly skilled and motivated engineering talent pool, capable of understanding and redefining farming methods that are inherent to the traditional farming practices in the country.